Sustainable farming

Modern agriculture produced a cheap and abundant food supply, but it comes with many hidden costs — pollution of our soil and waterways, tax dollars for subsidization of crops grown only for livestock consumption, and nutritional deficiencies for our population which has led to poorer, not higher, nutritional health, as well as higher medical costs to treat those deficiencies. At Jolie Vue Farms, we take it back to the basics — slow food, raised naturally, packed full of nutritious good fats, high protein, lean meats.

It’s just that simple.


chemical-free farm,
drug-free animals

Jolie Vue Farms rejects modern concepts of artificial fertilization of the soil, the pesticides and the herbicidal destruction of nature's “unwanted weeds and insects.” The weeds and insects play an integral part in Mother Nature's design.

Jolie Vue Farms - Grass fed beef in Houston.

Grass Fed Beef

Cattle were made to prosper on the natural salad bar found in our diverse, native grass pastures, and they do that on our farm. It takes a longer period of time and daily labor to get there, but our grass fed beef is a superior taste to anything you will find in the conventional market.

Jolie Vue Farms – Pasture raised pigs dine as Mother Nature intended.

pasture raised pork

Within large boundaries that we establish in our native oak and pecan forest, our pigs are free to roam, root, recreate and rest within that cool, shady setting. Our pasture raised pigs dine on grasses, wild fruits, berries and grapes, pecans, acorns, and sprouting tap roots, supplemented by barley, corn, roasted beans, peaches, apples, peanuts and even beer.

What is a CSA?

When you join a CSA you receive a “share” of the farm's production as part of your subscription.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a partnership, where the eating community directly supports the growing community, and with growers and consumers sharing the risks and benefits of food production.

With the Jolie Vue Farms CSA, that means you receive a share of the grass fed beef, free-range chicken and pasture raised pork we make every month. Your share is delivered in an ice chest to your home or designated drop-off. The variety of cuts and house-made sausages varies month to month but the total number of servings will always stay the same.