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What's with the name?

People seem to like our name, Jolie Vue Farms, but are curious about its origin and meaning. Simple — Glen’s grandfather was a free range, organic dairy and vegetable farmer on the outskirts of Lake Charles, Louisiana.  (They just referred to it as “farming” back then.) His farm was known as Fair View Dairy. We wanted to adopt the same name, but it was already taken. Since our family is predominantly of Cajun French heritage, we translated “Fair View” into French, hence the name Jolie Vue, or pretty view.

Our Story

Since its acquisition in 1989, Glen and HoniAnn’s goal was rehabilitation and restoration of the land on the Rockin’ B. Glen and HoniAnn got to work reviving the native grasses, clovers, wildflowers, while letting Nature keep her sure, steady pace.  While some particularly neglected sections of the farm were re-seeded in native vegetation, most of the new growth occurred from seed lying dormant in the soil! It has been truly wonderful to watch as the farm transformed itself from an over-grazed and neglected environment to a natural oasis which invited not only the return of native vegetation, but the wildlife that subsists on it as well. There's nothing like the blue-stem hills of Washington County and Jolie Vue Farms!

Jolie Vue Farms is a Rockin' B Enterprise, owned and operated by the Boudreaux family — Glen and Honi Ann, supported by their children, Elizabeth and Chris (with grandsons Henry, Robert, and Adair), Frank and Megan ( granddaughter Fiona), and John Henry and Emily. Daily management of the farm is provided by Clay Theeck, a multi-generational stockman. The farm is located in the bluebonnet hills of Independence, Texas about 85 miles northwest of Houston, in Washington County.