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Our farm's CSA differs in two ways:

  1. We deliver to your door; you do not have to go anywhere to get your food, we bring it to you.

  2. You are not required to take delivery every month. Instead, you decide each month whether to accept a delivery or not.

Our meats are vacuum-packed and will easily hold in a fresh state for six months in your freezer.

Register today and we'll contact you to setup your account and answer any questions you may have. Choose either the Traditional package (beef, pork, and chicken), the All-Beef option, or the new All-Pork Package. All packages include the same number of total servings. Free-range eggs, sold separately, are available with both packages.

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$48 yearly CSA fee.
Pasture-raised eggs available with all packages for $6.35/dozen.

*NEW* For the first time in our long history of serving the Houston region, we will begin offering chicken by the piece for delivery starting in October of 2019. Each order will include the eight primary pieces, 2 skinless breasts, 2 thighs, 2 legs and 2 wings. For those of you who love your whole roasting chicken, you may continue to take the whole chicken or if you prefer, take only the “by-the-piece” package.

You may order as many as 2 by-the- piece chickens to be added to your chosen base package, each package displacing an equal weight of your other meats. There will be an $18 up-charge for each by-the-piece package you choose to add to your base package.


Our most popular package, giving a wonderful value of tastes and diverse nutrients from our beef, pork and chicken.

Option: You may choose a whole chicken or chicken by-the-piece, or both, to your base order. Chicken will displace by weight the other meats in your base package.

$274 per month


Receive a cooler packed full of grass-fed, hormone-free, antibiotic-free beef in various cuts including strips, ground, and roasts.

Option: You may choose a whole chicken or chicken by-the-piece, or both, to your base order. Chicken will displace by weight the other meats in your base package.

$294 per month


Our newest package! This cooler is full of pasture-raised pork which we slowly raise and feed a healthy diet as nature intended.

Option: You may choose a whole chicken or chicken by-the-piece, or both, to your base order. Chicken will displace by weight the other meats in your base package.

$259 per month

Jolie Vue Farms – Pasture raised chickens are both delicious and nutritious.

how it works


Receive home delivery once per month of fresh-frozen, vacuum sealed beef, pork and chicken harvested, aged, processed and packaged in the preceding 3 weeks before delivery. Pasture raised eggs also available.


Place your empty cooler on your porch the next month's delivery day and we'll swap it with a full chest.


Grill. Braise. Roast. Repeat.


Frequently Asked Questions

We know purchasing meats from a CSA isn't the norm. We also know you have questions and probably feel hesitant to take the leap. The Q&A below will hopefully put your mind at ease but please contact us if you have other questions.

Not finding answers to your questions?


Q. Is the Jolie Vue home delivery program for me?

A. The answer is, yes, if clean, fresh, and nutritious food is a priority in your life and if you want a trustworthy source that can consistently supply that food.

Q. What if I don't eat pork or chicken?

A. We have you covered! In January 2017 we introduced a new program for our customers who prefer an all-beef option. The All-Beef Package includes the same grass-fed beef as our Farmer's Choice customers enjoy minus the pork and chicken. All-Beef customers may opt-in to adding one free-range whole chicken to their order. Pasture-raised eggs (sold separately) are available with the All-Beef Package.

Q. Do I sign a contract and am I required to take every delivery offered?

A. No, once you are a subscriber by paying the $48 annual CSA fee, you are free to choose the frequency of delivery and skip months as necessary. Charges are only applied on those months you request delivery.

Q. Will my meats stay fresh if I only take delivery every other month?

A. Absolutely. While we are old-fashioned in many ways, we recognize the value that modern methods of vacuum sealing and fresh frozen has brought to the natural preservation of foods. In fact, we have found our meats buried at the bottom of the freezer that we know had been there for more than six months. Cooked it, ate it. Could tell no difference at all. 

Q. Do I have to be home in order to receive delivery?

A. No, your meats are delivered in an Igloo cooler which will hold the meats in a frozen state for 24+ hours. We will leave it at your front door if you are not at home when we deliver.

Q. How many servings of meat do I receive each month?

A. We expect you to get a minimum of 38 servings per delivery, but we can show you that proper servings and smart use of your meats can easily double that number. That path is part of what we teach through our monthly newsletter segment called, “In The Kitchen”.

Our goal is to provide 20 lbs. per month as an average. It might be 21 or 19 lbs. in a given month but overall, it should average 20 lbs.

Q. Will I taste a difference in Jolie Vue’s meats?

A. Definitely! Our most often reported reaction to your first sampling is a clean, fresh sensation that you have never experienced in factory-raised meats, followed by a very wide taste profile that is gustatorily exciting and soul-satisfying. Once your body’s needs are filled with these nutritionally-satisfying meats, the last benefit you will notice is this: you will not require as much meat per meal to satisfy your hunger — our meats provide the nutrients that are missing in poorly-raised and processed foods, so you don’t need as much to reach satisfaction.

Q. Are there any other costs or fees?

A. There is a $20 ice chest fee if your empty ice chest is not available for pickup when we arrive with your next full delivery.