State of the Farm

As Clay and I wandered through our pastures and woods looking for our beeves’ next grazing area, I found myself in a state of agitation. Not because we are dealing with a very hot, very dry summer - that’s part of the ranching life in Texas. Been there and done that. We plan for a drought every year, then hope it doesn’t happen. This year, it happened.
Instead it was the anti-meat crowd that was causing my aggravation with their latest “conclusion” that the flatulence expelled by cattle was a significant cause of our global warming situation. Do they forget that since man first inhabited our globe he was surrounded by much larger and more diverse herds of ruminant creatures , the cow or its predecessor included? Do they really expect us to believe that the ruminant only appeared on the scene in the last few decades? Please save me, Lord, from the agenda-driven crowd manufacturing phony science. And how in the heck did they make those measurements anyway? Did they tie a bag around the back-end of a cow and sit around waiting for the cow to poot! After capturing this essence, did they tie the bag off and run
it into an enclosed room of awaiting expert “sniffers” who judged the quality and intensity of the captured gas? Who signed up for that bit of scientific duty? 
If they have any point at all, it lies in the fact that the beeve, removed from its natural dining room and placed in corn feedlots does generate more gas as it tries to digest grain rather than grass. So at best, they struck a blow for the grass-fed beeve. I’ll take that if I take anything at all from yet another quirky study.