Whoo-hoo! I start this newsletter on January 8 of the new year at 25 degrees and headed for a low of 19 tonight. If you were born and raised on the Gulf Coast, it won’t take long for this to get old. In fact, it is already old.

All kidding aside, history tells us that we were overdue for a cold winter. These temperatures are not unusual in southeast Texas, they just don’t come around every year. In our first year of stewardship of the farm, we burst water pipes twice in December with temperatures colder than this - so cold that the waterfall froze in place, leaving a sheet of sparkling ice that hung about 6 feet from top to bottom. And it was only 14 years ago that we reached these same levels. So it is really nothing new - just something that does not happen every year. It is part of nature’s renewal process - cleaning out the old to make room for the new.

If it follows its historic pattern, we will see spring come somewhat late but when it comes, it will bring a brilliant flush of green and blue (as in bluebonnets) that will amaze. Now that’s something to look forward to!