The beneficial effects of Omega 3 fatty acids have only recently been fully explored. O-3 reduces the inflammatory action linked to heart attacks, strokes, and arthritis. According to a study completed at the London Metropolitan University, published in The Economist, the beneficial effects depend entirely on whether the O-3s are created naturally, which produces long chain O-3s, or in the manufacturing process, which produces short chain O-3s. Long chains are apparently the only ones that provide the anti-inflammatory effect. Long chains come naturally from beef, pork, lamb, chicken and the eggs of hens that are grass-fed and algae eating fish like the salmon. Short chains come from the manufacturing process that produces oil from flax seed, olive, soybean and sunflowers. If this study is reliable - and we never know these days - Mother Nature wins again. Eat the long chain O-3s that you will find in our beef, pork and chicken for your heart and soul (and I should add, you probably do not find them in farm-raised fish so prominent
in today’s fish counter.)