State of the Farm

After bragging on the summer rainfall that fell abundantly into early August, it is time again for the farmers’ familiar refrain, “We need rain!”

The long term forecasters say it won’t happen until, at best, January 2011. While June, July and August rains treated us well for our summer crop of native grasses, January might be too late for some of our winter pasture in the non-irrigated sections of JVF. Lots of time and money spent on oat and rye seed that might go wasted but it wouldn’t be the first time. Farming is risky business.  The good news is, we have approximately 30% of the farm under irrigation. Where we have water, we are seeing good germination results. We have been running irrigation 24/7 since September 1st because the slight rainfall is nowhere near what we need to bring the ground water up to par. Does this sound like whining? Probably, but it’s “just the facts, Ma’am”. Farmers can’t afford whining. We go forward, adjusting to Her direction. She must have a reason.