Chef Reports & Grazing Lanes

We continue to get very positive reports from our chefs, the first samplers of our apple-finished pork. But it looks like you won’t get a full sampling until your May delivery (if it makes you feel less left out, we haven’t had any to sample either! The chefs take the whole pig, leaving nothing for us to try.).   By the time we reach June, we will be into peach-finished pork, which will likely last only a month, then we will be into melon-finished or we might try pears, depending on our melon patch progress. We’ll let you know.

We spent a lot of time this winter setting up the infrastructure for grazing lanes in our 2 east-side pastures, which up to now were totally free range pastures. As our mother-cow herd has grown, we have been grazing them on the east side almost exclusively, so it is time to begin deriving the soil enhancing benefits of strip grazing there.

From there we move on to increasing our native grass ratios by adding more Crab and Johnson grass as well as chicory and our first effort at establishing perennial, grazeable alfalfa clover.