Lose Weight and Keep It Off

The body always resists fast weight loss – it’s the starvation defense – so crash diets never work for the long term. What to do? Don’t shock the body. Eat good food, cut back just a little bit, and let your body ease into the new paradigm. What are the principles of the slow food diet?

  1. Eat well-grown food from all of the food groups so the body’s nutritional needs are satisfied.
  2. Eat slowly until you are "not hungry". Don’t eat fast until you are "full". Your brain is always behind your stomach in sensing satisfaction.
  3. Set small weight loss goals over a longer time. Let your body adjust to a slow loss of weight rather than shocking it with the starvation syndrome.

I want to lose 18 pounds. I want to do it slowly, over a year’s time. That’s only 1.5 pounds per month. I am 5/12ths into it and right on target — 9 pounds down. It has been utterly painless. I can enjoy a few luxuries like apple pie and Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla on the day of rest and have plenty of time to recover. Try it. Easy does it.

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