State of the Farm

We finished the month of July with seven inches of rain against a seven year average of 2.3. July followed a very good June rainfall slightly above 5 inches. Twelve inches of rain in the first 2 months of the summer is way more than we would expect, much less hope for. And the soothing effect on the creatures goes well beyond luscious grasses so thick you can hardly walk through them — cloudy skies kept July high temperatures in the 80's, often getting no higher than the low to mid-80's. 2010 continues to be a banner year for the creatures of Jolie Vue, domestic or wild.

Speaking of wild, it is no surprise that the wildlife continues to flourish in this banner year. The 107 acres had become a wildlife preserve long before 2010, but our wild friends have only accelerated their pace this year. While we don’t always understand the precise role a particular species plays in the grand scheme, we accept on faith that they do have an essential role. Our ignorance of their purpose is no more than that - an inability to fully comprehend this grand scheme. So instead of cursing the hidden armadillo hole that jolts me while on the tractor, I say “It is good”. Ditto when the rabbits eat the tops off of our emerging bean crop — plant enough for everybody, we say. In each case, we are closer to dancing the grand waltz with Mother Nature.

Yes, we are experiencing in August what the true Texas summer is like. But going into it fat and rested sure makes it a lot easier to bear. And who knows how it will end? This is the year of the pleasant surprise.