The Pig Project

The permanent finishing yards are finally complete and in use. The finishing yards became our most favored capital improvement project this year. We have taken the idea of a forested pig spa one step further with the finishing yards where our coming batch will spend four weeks before they are hauled. Here we provide open space as well as shade, plenty of good food, fresh water, and a cool water-misting system in the shaded area. There are four separate yards so that rotation to a new yard happens every 4 weeks to keep them on fresh ground while allowing 12 weeks of recovery for the just-used yard. In the middle of the 4 yards is a loading chute which reduces the stress of loading the pigs on or off the trailer.

The primary purpose of the new yard is our desire to customize their diet in the last 4 weeks by adding seasonal fruits for its juiciness and fructose, roasted peanuts for its oleic oil, and herbs and greens from the garden for their Omega 3s, CLAs, vitamins, minerals and general digestibility. Besides enhancement of flavor and tenderness, your family gets what must be the most nutritious meal anywhere on this green earth. This month’s seasonal fruit features peaches from our organic orchard and we transition to melons next month and into the fall. We’re talking happy pigs here, folks, and in turn, happy eaters. Ain’t it great!?