In Memoriam

Clay said goodbye to his father, James “Jim” Theeck, and we all said goodbye to a teacher and good friend in the ranching community in September. Jim appeared in this newsletter series many times, sometimes without attribution and sometimes known to you as “Coach” and “The Wise Man” for all of the wisdom he gave Clay and shared with me. Coach Theeck was also the one who recognized the benefit of crossing our Irish Angus bulls with his composite breed, which coincidentally led to one of “ours and his” steers winning the Louisiana State Championship. Jim had an eye like no other for recognizing good genetics and he was the rare rancher who was willing to share his vast knowledge on the subject. We were lucky to know him, and lucky again to have his first descendant as our ranch manager. But the day after he left us, we received 1.4 inches of rain. So we know he’s still looking out for us. Thank you, Coach Theeck.