When to Buy Organic (if not all the time)

For those of you who saw this but lost track of it, or did not see it all, here are the fruits and vegetables carrying the heaviest load of pesticide residue, and therefore should be purchased as organic, and those with none or only slight traces and are more safely purchased as conventional.: In descending order:

  • Highest residue fruits: apple, strawberry, peach, imported nectarine, imported grape, blueberry. Lowest or no residue fruit: pineapple, mango, domestic cantaloupe, kiwi, watermelon, grapefruit.
  • Highest residue vegetables: celery, spinach, bell pepper, potato, lettuce, kale/collard green Lowest or no residue vegetables: onion, corn, avocado, asparagus, eggplant, cabbage, sweet potato, mushroom.