The Jolie Vue Cooking Book

Most of you have received our new cooking book by now and have had a chance to settle in with it a bit. So let me add a more detailed prologue about its purpose and use.  Note that we do not call it a cookbook but instead a cooking book. A cookbook is a dictator while a cooking book is intended to be a liberator. How’s that?  I come from a family steeped in the art of the kitchen. Grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and siblings all had at least one special dish that they made better than anyone else in the world. Yet I do not remember them using measuring spoons or looking at explicit recipes very often if ever. And if they used a recipe at all, it was as a guide to a new dish or a reminder about a dish not made recently. That’s because they understood the art of cooking and it almost always came from observation of other cooks in the family, not from a book. So, I don’t want you to be coddled into thinking that cooking is mechanical; it is much more an art than a science. Let this book be a teacher rather than a dictator.

Clean, unadulterated and fresh-as-can-be-food for you and yours from happy cows, pigs, chickens and hens.

It’s good for us all.