“One that would have the fruit must climb the tree.”
— Thomas Fuller

So let’s start climbing with a couple of interesting studies. The one I found most interesting concluded that vitamin B-12 seemed to be an antidote for memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Subjects suffering from accelerating memory loss were found to first, arrest the losses and then improve cognitive function with the ingestion of B-12. Do you know what foods contain the highest amounts of B-12? Pretty much in this order of importance, they were: liver, beef, pork, turkey, fish, shellfish, dairy, eggs and chicken. How about that?! All natural suppliers of B-12 come from protein and fat sources.

The other study of interest this month, one which studied a lot of people over a long period of time, was the salt study. The finding: prescribing a low sodium diet for persons with or at high risk of heart disease actually exacerbated the chance of a fatal attack by 37%, Low sodium was worse than high sodium. But moderate amounts of salt per day, say 4 to 6 grams, improved one’s heart health. Sodium is an essential mineral for our good health. Don’t you love it - almost everything we have been told is bad for us is turning out to be good for us. Liver, beef, pork and salt are now on the list of good things to eat if in moderation. Wow! Isn’t it clear that we simply need to eat good, naturally-grown foods for good health and its many pleasures? Be a whole foods person. It’s a good thing.