A Fare Thee Well

JVF loses not just a customer but our first and probably only farm intern, Scott Timms. Scott approached us last year, intent on performing the tasks of an intern at Jolie Vue. After telling him “No” at least three times, I was persuaded to give Scott a chance. Internships are not in our regimen because it requires, at bottom, a professorship on my part. Honi and I just did not think I had the time to add a course in sustainable farming to our already very busy schedule. In Scott’s case, I was wrong. Scott proved himself an understanding student, would do anything asked and do it well, and never delayed but instead accelerated our ability to complete weekend chores.  Scott leaves us better than we were for having him and his wife, Jenni. They will pack up their belongings this month and head west to a one year apprenticeship at Alden Field Farm in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. Their apprenticeship will be the prelude to acquiring their own farm in Oregon. We will miss them but are proud of them for their plan and for proving us right in the comments made in the “editorial” above - these 2 degreed engineers, both with well-paying jobs in Houston firms, have decided that farming is their career, family and life choice. Godspeed, Scott and Jenni. We love you and wish upon you the same wonder, satisfaction, dignity, and contentment that we have found in farming.