Chewy Fajitas

One of ours has noted that her fajita meat was cooked properly but was too tough to eat. I don’t doubt it for a minute. Had the same experience until I did a little research. Here’s the deal.  What we call fajita meat today became popular for the same reason that many foods are discovered, it is meat that had been sold as a cheap cut, picked up by the poorest among us, tried, experimented with, enhanced, then eaten happily first by the desperate until discovered by the mainstream. In the case of meats, fajita comes from scraps on the bigger muscles that get the most exercise and therefore develop as hard muscle. How do you make it chewable? Soak it in a vinegar based marinade. Choose your own, but it can be as simple as buying a bottle of Italian dressing at the grocery. First cut slits in the fajita across the grain, about halfway through the meat. I like to use a freezer bag at this point, but a bowl or pan will do it too. Put the meat in your container of choice, cover it in the marinade, seal off as much air as possible, and leave in the fridge for 24 hours before cooking. When ready to cook, grill it or fry in a skillet. Easy, chewable and delicious. Thanks to Pamela for reminding us to convey this tip.