New Stuff

You may have noticed some new items in your box, most prominently more free range poultry. Specifically, chicken wings or leg and thigh quarters in addition to the Big Fat Hen. If it’s wings, you will find 2 packages containing 6 wings each; if hind quarters, you will find two sets in one package. We will do our best to alternate those choices each month so you get a different package each month. This is our effort to give you more balance of meats, and our thanks go to David and Lori of Oaks of Mamre, home of the free range chickens, for working with us to make this a new addition. We are also adding back some smoked pork items such as sliced, cured bacon and the occasional smoked picnic ham. The latter will be less frequent — there simply isn’t enough to supply our total list each month, so we will do our best to rotate it around.