The Editorial

Do you think the industrial food system is broken? Here’s another, and almost funny, example. Tyson recently settled a case brought under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act for bribing veterinarians to encourage their approval of meats processed in Tyson’s plants in Mexico. In this case, the bribes revolved around the ubiquitous chicken breasts, patties and tenders (hello McDonald’s).

The more stunning aspect of this event was that Tyson officials, after learning of the bribes, formed a committee, not to determine how to stop the bribing, but instead to determine a more
acceptable way to make the bribes!

Jolie Vue neither seeks nor desires governmental approval of our farming process. In our humble opinion, it is nothing more than an artifice designed to make the factory food shops appear better than they are or ever will be. We want you to be our inspectors — and you know where to find us.