Eat Fat - On the Pig

Like the pig, all fat got a bad but unproven rap following World War II. A fellow by the name of Ancel Keys published the rap but didn’t tell us that he had been selective in his choice of dietary cultures. Very sloppy work on his part, but like a lot of poor science, the idea that fat was bad for us became embedded. The fact is, fat is an essential element in our diet so long as it is well-raised. It is much more likely that heart disease and obesity/diabetes is linked to processed, hydrogenated oil, margarine and sugar (in all of its forms) than anything linked to animal fat. All you have to do is look at the correlation between those oils and sugars and the health calamity. Animal fat doesn’t drive the graph at all, but the consumption of the others line up. So we got the skinless chicken breast instead, a ridiculously un-nutritious way to eat meat, while we tried to fill our satisfaction gap  with vegetable oils and sugars. And we got fat.