Virtuous fat

Pork fat, known as lard, is as nutrient dense as it is calorically dense. Some interesting facts on the nutritional side — pork fat has two outstanding attributes, assuming it is rendered from well-raised pigs. First, the pig is apparently the only domesticated creature whose fat produces oleic oils. What is oleic? That is the same oil as we find in the highly favored salad and cooking oil from olives — olive oil! So your omega-3 and CLA content can be filled as quickly from the fat of pigs as it can from olive oil, a fat like salmon, sardines, or fish oil tablets. Surprising? Yes!

Here's another surprise - the fat of pigs profiles almost exactly like human breast milk with one variation - pig fat actually has a lower saturated fat content than does mother's milk. Astounding revelation? Of course. How could that be bad for you?

Stop eliminating natural foods from your diet and eat like a pig!