A Conversion Event?

The agriculture department at Texas A&M, designers of the modern beef production system whose ethics and utility are questioned by so many, me included, held a conference on guess-what subject - raising grass-fed and finished beef. Clay and I attended. My review of same...

Understand this about the professors of A&M: they are a curious, dedicated, unpretentious and helpful group of people, and they are very good at expressing those qualities. They are really just a bunch of good old boys who are coincidentally smart and well-educated. Pretty darned entertaining as a result. I enjoyed them all as speakers and presenters. However, it was clear that the professors knew less about grass-fed than the attendees that were already on-board. That’s OK so long as they are willing to learn. I submit this conference marks another turn in favor of naturally-raised beef. The fact is that the A&M model has reached its point of no return as fertilizer and grain costs rise so dramatically with the price of crude and grains. Watch for the trend to continue. You’re riding on the cutting edge.