Eat for Health and Sustainability

I have long believed (on instinct more than proof) that a diverse and balanced diet with a proper dose of protein and fat included was the healthy “whole food” way to eat for health and sustainability. We see more and more proof of that as true science begins to explore good and bad eating habits. And the most interesting study found that the same number of calories taken in sugary and simple carb doses would actually cause more weight gain than the same amount of calories in whole foods. (Note that the study was too small to allow for firm conclusions but instead will cause follow up). Another point made by this study was that of the three diets used, the best diet for sustained weight loss was the one highest in fat. I am convinced that it has never been the fat but the sugars that led us into poor health. Fats are so satisfying as to become self-regulating; sugars make you hungry. Make sense to you?