Real Food – The Proof of the Pudding is Truly in the Eating

When Honi and I started eating our meats exclusively 5 years ago after launching our totally natural grass-fed operation at Jolie Vue, my adult cholesterol level had consistently run in the 235 to 275 range, and LDL to HDL ratio was consistently in the “risk range”. Doc was always urging me to take statins, but I resisted, a skeptic when it comes to the pharmaceuticals. In addition to our beef, pork, chicken and eggs, we also “ate like TJ”, adding three vegetables and a slice of fresh fruit to our meat serving as often as possible. I am all for the doctors, visiting them every 5 years or so whether I need to or not, so my last visit came recently and near the 5th anniversary of our new dietary plan. Guess what? For the first time in my adult life, my cholesterol fell below the dreaded 200+  range to 194 and now, at age 62, I am out of the “risk range”. I wish I had monitored it more frequently so I would know when it began dropping and at what rate. I am sure everybody’s physiology is different, but it is proof in my case that grass-fed makes a big difference. As Honi says, “Pay for good food now or pay the doctors, hospitals and drug companies later.” Good food is less expensive.