Cholesterol Redux

I reported impressive results on my personal cholesterol levels last month. My levels had dropped 30%, from the risk level into the safe level. Note that my reduction amounted to a 30% drop - though the profession will tell you that the best you can do with diet alone is a 20% reduction. Of course, that was based on people eating industrial foods, so a 30% drop again confirms the medicinal value of Real Food. Since then I have heard the same kind of positive results from our long and faithful adherent, Donna M. Both of us had ignored doctors’ advice to take statin drugs so widely recommended by the medical profession.*

But I want to note  that these improvements do not occur overnight. Remember, if you have cholesterol  issues, they did not develop overnight and it will take some time to turn the ship. Be content in knowing that you have cocked the wheel in a different direction.   Real food is the best medicine.

* Late-breaking news on that front...there is deep concern that statins such as Lipitor, Crestor, and so on, are contributing to Alzheimer-like symptoms. Be careful out there on the pharmaceutical edge.