The Eaters Write

“It's not  what you eat, it's  what you eat ate.”
— Unknown
“We are spoiled on steaks since using your cookbook method of preparing them and eating your lovely meats...”
— Winnie, a JVF customer.

We love hearing that, Winnie. Keep those cards and letters coming.

From the most instinctive cook in the family, our baby boy, John Henry Boudreaux, writes us from NYC:

“If you have an Osso Buco in your freezer, take it out, sear it with only salt as the spice, pound some garlic cloves (generous amount), slice up a pat of butter put it in the skillet and pour in a bottle of wine. Cover that and put it in the oven on low (260) and let cook for hours — time dependent on size of meat. Then you buy some crusty bread and toast it with plenty of butter. Pour the jus over the pulled beef (or pork) and ENJOY! Best meal I’ve had in a long time!”