Herbicides Implicated Again

Herbicides, used to increase grass production by eliminating weeds, have long been associated with cancer and liver disease and thus feared - appropriately. We now hear a startling new reason to fear them: the feminization of males across the kingdom, be they amphibian, human or something in between. That little problem threatens our very existence, hampering reproduction and ultimately suggesting extinction.

Widely and long-used herbicides act as a female hormone and feminize males by disrupting the development of male organs and displacing testosterone. Thank goodness for those zoologists, marine scientists and experimental biologists who have been watching the evolution of animals and insects for no apparent reason except to gain, store and distribute knowledge.  I can understand, in the days following WWII, wanting to increase food production in the U.S. Herbicides, pesticides, artificial fertilizers, antibiotics, steroids and mono-cultural farming, the Dirty Half Dozen, seemed to be the way to do that. Here’s what I don’t get. Why do we keep doing it? We get along quite well at Jolie Vue despite having none of that “modernity”. Let’s make farming a nature- and knowledge-based profession again. It can be a grand life well-lived, with benefits for all.

Your support will make it happen.