Where’s the Beef?

It’s an entirely legitimate question that some of you have asked and many of you must be wondering quietly. Our monthly packages have been miserably short of beef. But the cure is on the way. Allow me to apologize, explain and then give you the good news that it will get better soon. This is our first serious bump in the road but it will get better. Please stay with us.

The explanation is this. Of the three meats we provide to our members, beef represents by far the slowest growing of our “Slow Foods”. Beef is also the only one of our three creatures that consume grass only as their daily diet. The effect of the 2011 drought was to restrict their growth cycle. To a great extent the beeves were only maintaining rather than adding weight. We finally decided that producing 5-ounce ribeye steaks was counter-productive. We had to give them more time. The resumption of the drought starting last March only made things worse.

But the good news — our beef pipeline is starting to fill again. By your October coolers, you should see a return of beef in a higher though still below par quantity than you have seen the last 3 or 4 months. From that point on, the beef supply will only get better as we reach the desired balance of beef, pork and chicken.

We grow with the seasons. It just so happens that the current season is not so much spring, summer or fall, but instead the season of the drought.