The Readers Write

We love hearing from you and the most recent note asks “what has happened to the pork belly”. Well, it’s true that it hasn’t been a part of the menu since one of our members referred to it as “scraps and leftovers” a few months ago. Yikes! While we know that belly (which is really uncured bacon) is one of the prime pieces that we supply as a part of our heritage cuts that you cannot buy at the store, we tend to over-react to such comments. So yes, we suspended supplying the fresh belly for a while and instead have been having it made into hickory smoke-cured and sliced bacon. But we are going to take its return a step at a time...its next appearance will be as smoke-cured slabs, sort of a way of reintroducing it in an intermediate state. It can then be sliced thin for your breakfast meat, thicker for BLT’s, and even thicker as a dinner entree. The next step will be to bring it back in its fresh state.   Remember to check your JVF cookbook before deciding that something may be “scraps”.  Fresh belly slabs cooked on a hot grill and served right away - it really doesn’t get any better than that, folks. They will return!