AG 101. The Wonderful World of Worms and Beetles

I could not enumerate all of the benefits of a living soil, but I can name two of the many. Worms and beetles. To understand their work, first understand that the dreaded horn fly is a pest that torments livestock, retards their growth and seriously dampens their enjoyment of life. Imagine if you spent your days and nights immersed in a swarm of biting, pestering flies. Need I say more about how the fly is a hated pests for stockmen - we’ll do anything, and have, to rid our herds of this irritant, including pouring chemicals all over them with regularity. That’s the conventional prescription. So if it will kill flies, what will the chemical residue found in our meats do to humankind?

Why did the fly become a problem in the first place? Because we killed the worms and beetles and everything else living below the surface when we started applying man-made fertilizers. You try surviving in a world covered in ammonium sulfate. It suffocates life, and that’s how it kills soil life. Our soil becomes a pot holder rather than a chain in the creation of life.

How does killing worms and beetles bring us flies that we then have to kill with pesticides in order that our livestock can survive? Their food is found in the manure of the animals and that is also where the mother fly lays her eggs for the next generation of flies that will then want to feed off of our stock. If you have subterranean life, it destroys the larvae in their quest to eat, and then regurgitates it, in a manner of speaking, so it enriches the sub- soil and grows the grass, sustaining the life cycle rather than destroying it. And the cows and pigs smile in their contentment.

Looking for miracles? There’s one for you. Understand better why we are dedicated to good farming? We witness these miracles every day.