Opinion (sort of)

I cannot be critical of the model created by our agricultural colleges in achieving a mass production system for our food supply. Farmers and ranchers were asked to follow the lead of the government and their ag colleges that dictated that they produce an exponentially greater supply of food for ourselves and the world. The U.S was on rations and Europe and everybody east thereof were in starvation mode. The colleges did what they were told and the farmers followed. It was a huge success and right for its time. If criticism is deserved it is for their failure to reckon with the unsustainability of the model. We know there is a sustainable model. Embrace holistic farming as you embraced its alternative. Their model is only 60 years old and has led to exhaustion. The holistic model sustained the world for centuries before that and we now know how to do it even better. Get over it. See why in the next section.