State of the Farm

How about a big shout out for the rain? In the months of September and October combined we accumulated 2 more inches of rain than we had in the entire 8 months that preceded them. January through August brought 18 inches combined. Then the skies opened up in September and October for a total of 20 inches. I reviewed our rain book all the way back to 1989. We have never experienced that kind of a turnaround except in the other direction: in September of 2011, we had a nice 5 inches for the month and that marked the last time we had even average rainfall in a single month as the drought set in.

Are we ready to declare the end of the D word in our part of heaven? No. Don’t want to jinx it. But as they sang in Porgy and Bess, as of today, the “fish are jumpin’ and the cotton is high”.
Rejoice. It’s a good thing.