2014 Price Announcement

2014 will find our first price increase in 2 ½ years and it will be modest but necessary to continue meeting our overhead and expense. The alternative is to reduce the measures we use in raising and finishing our creatures and we believe you prefer having all of those extra things we do that separate us from other grass-based farmers. So here it is:

First, the annual CSA fee will increase from $36 to $48, amounting to a dollar a month though charged in full in January. If you joined in 2013, yours will be pro-rated. When you take deliveries, the monthly charge will rise from $219 to $222, or $3 per month. Fuel charges will continue to reflect any increase in fuel above $2 per gallon (so $3 gas creates a $1 charge per household per delivery). We have seen this cost fall by about 50 cents per month in the latter months of 2013 as US production continues to increase and create over-supply. This could drop farther in 2014. Egg prices will continue at their current charge of $5.95. We hope that these increases seem fair and moderate.