Julia Child

“Everything in moderation, including moderation.”
— Julia Child

Child is one of my favorite characters. She had such a zest for life in general, and cooking and dining with family and friends in particular. You see it in her cooking shows and feel it in her writing. Life was a party in Julia’s world. We could all benefit from her example.

So what did she mean when she said to take even moderation in moderation - a great line if ever there was one. Of course, she meant just blow it out every once in a while. Put your self-discipline aside momentarily. Our psyches need a little indulgence every once in a while. We are not made for a perpetually rigid lifestyle in my opinion. Discipline can only be maintained for so long before we crack. So plan for a little immoderation or you may end up with a lot of it.

In your dietary life, that means eating the abandoned things every once in a while because it’s something you grew up with and its taste triggers special memories. For me, that could be a Mrs. Baird’s fried apple pie with a heavy sugar glaze and a pint of whole milk, preferably from Oak Farms Dairy, followed by cheap convenience store coffee. My childhood home was in the yeasty jetstream of Mrs. Baird bakery on Holcombe and Oak Farms was still an urban dairy around Chimney Rock Road. So I get this instant burst of memorable pleasure, soon followed by regret over what I have done. The regret refreshes my commitment to eat well and for good health and happiness. Can six fired pies a year hurt me if balanced with good habits the rest of the time? I don’t think so. Try a little immoderation occasionally. We as humans relieve tension, routine and drudgery with celebration that sometimes goes too far. It’s a good thing - if done in moderation.