It’s apparently official: ALL NUTS are health-improving and life-extending according to a recent comprehensive study. We tended to think of almonds as the best nut, most of the others finishing a distant last for nutrient value. Not so, say the experts. They are all about equally good for us. That includes the specifically mentioned peanuts, about which there had been some question since it grows as a rooter rather than on a tree. The peanut now occupies equal status in the nut world.

So let me use this recent finding to remind you of the goodness of fats, a primary food group long reviled but making a great comeback. The good oleic oils found in nuts is nothing more than fat in a semi-liquid state, right? Pigs at Jolie Vue dine on wild nuts in the woods, acorns and pecans, and roasted peanuts in the finishing yard. The result: pork fat (raised the JVF way) profiles like olive oil. How about that?!

While on the subject of porkers, the aforementioned winter pasture also went into the pig paddocks and were feasted upon by our porkers. Looking down on them from the hill for three days, all you could see was a pig body - the head was buried in tall oats that tickled their bellies. Imagine the nutrients that were pouring into their system.

Making Real Food is a very satisfying thing. Watching happy animals doubles the pleasure.