Book Review: Fat Chance, by Dr. Robert Lustig

Dr. Robert Lustig’s new book, Fat Chance, lays the statistical foundation which identifies the cause of obesity in the world’s population (yes, Mildred, it is world-wide). Not surprisingly to most, it is sugar, specifically the fructose variety of sugar. In exposing the cause, not just the correlation, he relies on documented quantification of food supplies, their increase, and the types of food constituting that increased availability. Wherever an increase in fructose consumption occurs, obesity and all of its resulting diseases follow close behind.

I’m hoping that our increasing understanding of dietary dysfunction will ultimately get it out of our heads that Fat is the cause of obesity. Good fat is a good thing. I find that it is self-regulating as well, meaning you will not over-eat like you will with sugar products. As good as it tastes when your body needs it, it tastes as bad when you have had enough. Have you noticed that too?