Why Ground Meats?

The above remarks offer a good lead-in to the issue of the ground meats that always populate our monthly cooler. Why so much, many of you ask? Part of the answer is related to the question of the yield from a beeve or porker — much of the carcass is best processed as ground rather than whole-cut pieces. Frankly, the more muscular pieces would be too tough to eat if not put through the grinder.

We turn this apparent disadvantage to an advantage. First, the most nutritious pieces of the beeve, porker or chicken are the most exercised portions. Why is this the case? Simple: the most exercised muscles necessarily have the most blood and oxygen pumped through them, the vehicles carrying nutrients into the muscle.

More importantly, the ground meats are where you find your Omega-3 fatty acids and CLAs because we can choose the amount of fats to be included in the ground meats. So while you do get the O-3s in your steak, chops and breasts, its volume is low because its fat content is low. In the ground meats, you are getting a 15 to 20% dose of the fatty acids which makes it more comparable to the fat content of the wild salmon and very much like the volume that you might find in say snapper, redfish or flounder.

Last point on the advantage of the ground meats — they are your most versatile meat. So many good meals can be made from them, whether that be quick and easy or more complex. Just read your JVF Cooking Book for the many choices.