Why Not More and Bigger Steaks?

This is a frequently asked question, so much so that it deserves a response to all of you. First, the “more” part of the question. NY Strips, Ribeyes, Tenderloin Medallions and Top Sirloin constitute 10-12% of the beeve. That means on our best day we can only distribute a couple of steaks per customer per month.

As to the “bigger” part, we believe Grass-fed and finished beef is best when harvested at 16-18 months for maximum grass-fat/omega 3 marbling, flavor and tenderness. This conclusion is based on what is now 6 years of experience of harvesting at all of the different ages. However, the beeve only yields a hanging weight of 400-435 lbs. The grain-engorged steer is finished in less time and will hang at 7-800 lbs and more. The difference that makes in the size of the loin and rib sections is significant. So, the steaks are smaller.

Next month, we will go back to an additional 1/4 inch of thickness to the steaks in an effort to increase the weight that you receive.

To supplement the traditional steaks, we have added the bacon-wrapped chopped steak, a really delicious piece of meat that is a mixture of all the sections of the beef with the added flavor of smoked pork wrapping it, the tenderized hanger, skirt and flank. We will soon introduce the tenderized round steak on an experimental basis next month and on the pork side of things, we have the porterhouse and boneless chop and the shoulder steak. These will all give you the steak experience in a different form.