Yet another study is out suggesting that meat may be related to heart disease by way of its protein which metabolizes to something called carnitine. Here we go again with another “preliminary” study which says nothing definitively but the headline, as I saw on the NBC evening news Monday night, is “Beef may cause heart disease.”

I got lucky while on the road Tuesday morning. The Diane Rhem show (NPR) brought the doctor of the study and 2 other clinicians to bear on the subject. Very interesting and enlightening on the details of the study, most of which will never be heard or noted by the average consumer.

Here are a few things that you, the above average consumer, should know. The very doctor who conducted the study said we should cut back to say 2 beef servings per week. He had been eating 5 servings a week before the study, but has no symptoms of heart disease. They are not now sure that cholesterol counts have anything to do with heart disease (they couldn’t get off of that one until they had something in beef to replace it, I guess?). On average, we eat 2 ounces of beef per day across America, 14 ounces per week. That is below any suggested risk range in this study and by the way, is less beef than a couple eating our package each month would consume.  As we preach incessantly, eating a balanced whole food diet is the way to go — beef, pork, chicken, and fish with proper quantities of veggies and fruits, is the right way. There are no dietary risks when you eat like the long-lived Thomas Jefferson.