Following the Yellow Brick Road

Jolie Vue packed it up and pointed the truck’s nose to Kansas in late March, searching for our version of the Wizard of Oz of fine grass-adapted cattle, the Red Angus. We were not disappointed. In fact, we were overwhelmed by beautiful, thick, moderate-framed Angus, so much so that we over-spent our intended budget (The Theeck’s Buckhorn Cattle Company was a buyer too). I kid you not when I say I found the cattle of my dreams in the Merry Merry Land of Oz. We bought a lot of cattle, starting with the best bull they had, now known as “Meat Wagon”, who will be our herd sire for a long time, health permitting and accidents avoided. Many nice heifers, some with little calves already at their side, are also headed to Brenham as I write. You are probably 15 months away from actually sampling some of this beef but I expect it to be another leap forward in great-tasting grass-fat beef from JVF. We’ll make sure that these cattle are on display at the Open Farm this year. You will love these beautiful creatures.