The Fruits

The high winds have done some of our work for us. I normally spend large blocks of time pruning the peach trees this time of year. Instead, the winds blew so many blossoms off the trees that very little pruning will be required. Our harvest will not be as large as last year, but it has given us time to be spent elsewhere. Something good sometimes comes from something not-so-good.

We hope this will be a breakout year for our figs. The 12 trees planted in the fall of 2010 were first hit by an icy winter which proceeded into the drought of 2011 and ‘12. These little trees understand the maxim that what don’t kill you makes you stronger. So maybe this is their year. It would be good to add one more farm-raised fruit to our pork-finishing regimen. The pears were not so lucky - we had an outbreak of fire blight in our newly-planted pear orchard that took out 5 of the ten trees planted last fall. Particularly distressing if you are the one that dug the holes in the dry, clay soil last year (that would be me). The prospect of doing that again is not a pleasant one for my old back. Ugh. But pears are another high priority fruit for us, cutting down as they will on the amount of imported fruits we need for our pork finishing programs while supplying yet another local and organic fruit to our inventory.