Mothers, Fathers, Brothers, Sisters and Cousins Are We

Many years ago I attended a retreat presented by a theologian who coincidentally was a Ph.D of Nuclear Physics. This Retreat Master said something that has and will always stick with me.

As an introduction to the human relationship to our Planet Earth, he explained his most favored theory of the Earth’s origin, the Black Hole. A Black Hole is a point in the universe where the gravitational force is so strong that all matter, including light, is drawn in and cannot escape. At its center is all of the matter necessary to make our Earth and all living things. Crowded together into a ball smaller than the head of a pin. At some point, a Force causes gravity to let go and explode with a “big bang”, evolving into everything we know on our planet. His point? There is nothing and nobody on Earth that was not at one time so closely aligned with the others on that head of a pin as to be unrelated. We all come from the same collection. We are relatives of everything around us.

I was reminded of this concept last weekend at the farm, joined by my daughter’s family including the 3 grandsons. The little guys always spend some time racing around the all-encircling porch of the hill house. The cattle were in the pasture which surrounds the house. As we enjoyed the boys running and laughing in continuous circles, we see movement in the pasture. The mother herd, everyone one of them, mommas, bull and calves of all ages, were running in the larger circle as the boys were on the porch, matching them stride for stride. When the boys stopped to catch a breath, the cows did the same. When the boys resumed, so did the cows. When the boys quit it and went for water, the cows returned to their grazing. Fascinating to watch.

Maybe the retreat master had it right.