The Latest Study

Margaret Bremer keeps us up to date on the latest dietary studies and reported recently on the “meat/diabetes” study in the New England Journal. You may have seen this one - an “above average” consumption of meat seemed to correlate with an increased propensity for diabetes (I recall that there was a 14% increase). I must admit that this apparent connection stumped me at first glance since diabetes has long been associated with sugars, not proteins or fats. Since the authors offered no theory of correlation, here’s mine: first, remember that any broad-based study of meats in the U.S. are necessarily dependent on the effects of corn-fed meats; 99%++ of our meats are sourced from the feedlots, not from the pastures. As the feedlot industry increases the concentration of sugars in the finishing regime, those sugars must be showing up in larger concentrations in the commodity meats.

That’s the only explanation that makes sense to me.