State of the Farm

Every August, I am reminded that we are, after all, in Texas, so why am I surprised by the harshness of the weather? It tests a man’s soul annually, not to mention that of cattle, pigs, chickens and hens. Even the wild ones get sultry. So it was a fine gift when last week we had a lot of cloudy, cooling weather, followed by an inch and three quarters rainfall. Despite remaining in true drought, that rain actually put us ahead of average rainfall for August. Respite, even though brief, is a cherished thing. Helps us remember the nice falls, winters and springs to come.

This is also the time of year when livestock growth slows considerably. If they are too hot to eat, and their food is not as palatable, they tend to maintain rather than gain. So you may start seeing smaller steaks, chops and chickens for a while. Their next growth spurt will not come until October, meaning you may see it in November boxes. You’re eating with the seasons!

Speaking of climate, did you notice that the entire country seems to be experiencing new and often more violent weather? The rainfall mentioned above was accompanied by a tornado that cut less than a mile from JVF. Took down trees and sheds, but nobody was hurt that we know of. Folks, tornadoes are very unusual things in our part of the state. We have had droughts before and will have them again, but tornadoes? Hope that doesn’t become part of the scenery.