State of the Farm

Are hurricanes a thing of our past? Ditto tropical storms? We are late in the season to have had neither appear in our beloved Gulf. And this is not the first year for those disturbances to dwindle. While we don’t wish for hurricanes, we certainly do wish for tropical storms this time of year. Those heavy drenching rains are always a godsend as we try to depart from the harsh dry conditions that we struggle through each summer. Replenishes the ponds and underlying water sands. Most importantly for our grasses, it puts water all the way down to the taproot, making for long-lasting grass growth that is heat resistant. This August proved the point, for although we had slightly above average rainfall (which in any case is not very much), the high temperatures quickly evaporated the moisture and the grasses had only a brief period of green before the brown returned. Our creatures busily ate up the green stuff, knowing instinctively that it would not last so get it while you can. The respite was brief. We suffer with them. And that suffering makes us wonder if we should spend the tens of thousands of dollars it would take to put all of the pastures in deep well irrigation. That would require a bank loan and we hate debt. We’re not there yet and may never be.