The JVF Dinner Taco

While relieving Clay at the Sugar Land drop site last month, I got to talking to a member about his regular order of 4 dozen eggs along with his box of meats. He related that when his wife first ordered 4 dozen, he was skeptical that his young family would eat that many eggs in a month. Turns out they have never eaten less than that. (As an aside, this family was not the biggest consumer of our eggs. One family orders 10 dozen per month!)

The egg discussion reminded me that eggs are another way of smoothing out your food costs. At 50 cents each, you pack a lot of protein, vitamins, minerals and satisfaction into a meal by adding just one egg. Your young ones especially need the protein for the brains and the good fat for the cells and hearts. You can make a complete meal wrapped in a tortilla if you think about having breakfast tacos for dinner. Here is one of the many ways you can include eggs at your dinner table:

Before talking about the cooking process, think of the many ingredients that can be combined into a taco to make a complete meal in a wrap. Bell and jalapeno peppers, onions, garlic, celery, carrots, potatoes, corn, southern peas (black-eyes, blacks, purple hulls), beans (pinto, great northern, navy, refried), cheese ( I like sharp cheddar best, but gruyere is hard to beat too), mushrooms, bacon, ground pork, sausage or beef...and top it off with tomato and fresh lettuce or cabbage. And like soup, you can use the taco to finish off leftovers in the fridge. More stretch for your dollar.

-The JVF Dinner Taco-


  • Set your oven at 170 degrees so that you are ready to store the tacos when finished.
  • Choose whatever ingredients you like, but I always include a base of chopped onion and bell pepper. Add to that a starch, be that potato, sweet corn or southern peas. If you are adding a meat, it should be cooked separately or brought out from your leftover container and added in just to warm it.
  • When all of your base is cooked or warmed together, add one whisked egg per person and cook on a medium to low heat until eggs are finished.
  • Spoon on to individual tortillas, add cheese and/or salsa if you like, wrap in aluminum foil, and store in warm oven. Let the many flavors meld together for a while in the oven. You can top with shredded lettuce or cabbage and diced tomato and cucumber at the table, or not - a complete meal in one package.
  • Tortillas: If corn is your preference, I prefer steaming to warm them. If the flour type, I brown them slightly in a lightly oiled skillet. Neither is necessary. You can use them straight from their wrapper. The oven will provide some warmth for your tortilla.
  • Serve hot in their wrapper. A meal for all seasons. It’s a good thing.