Bacon-wrapped Chopped Steak

My father never had a café that didn’t include a bacon-wrapped chopped steak on the menu. He understood that if smoked bacon and ground beef were singularly good, then combining them into one cut must be even better. That remains true today. If it wasn’t you wouldn’t see every fast food burger joint with bacon-cheeseburgers on their menu. It just took them fifty years before they discovered what Pop knew all along.

My problem with this cut was that I prefer cooking on the stovetop not the oven — I like to see, feel and smell what I’m cooking. But the bacon does not cook at the same rate as the beef in a skillet so I ended up with a well-done piece of beef but a nearly raw piece of bacon. Fix that by moving it to the oven. Here’s the technique I used to cook both bacon and beef together to a well-done steak. Cut the time back to reach whatever your desired level of doneness is.

Heat your oven to 450º. Apply a light layer of oil to an iron skillet or other vessel. Allow the skillet to heat up along with the oven. When 450º is reached, add the steaks, being sure that they are not touching each other. Set your time for 15 minutes and walk away. Turn the steaks at 15 minutes, and re-set your timer for 7 minutes. Remove from oven and let rest for 5 more minutes. Voila! Fully-cooked bacon and beef all in one package. Delicious!

Want to make this a complete meal in a skillet? Add any combination of oil-coated fingerling potatoes, carrots, broccoli, brussels or turnips to the skillet to cook along with the steak. A fabulous meal in 30 minutes.