State of the Farm

The Fall and Winter rain pattern continues to hold up, giving us hope that a goodbye to drought is truly in the offing. November, typically one of our drier months, recorded 2 inches more than the normal pattern. December replaced November by going below average, but that often happens. When one month breaks a pattern, the next month may balance things out. We’re OK with that, having seen it many times before. Hope remains intact.

What is not so good is the damage done by the drought to our pasture ponds. They were full by mid-October, but have drawn back down quickly and significantly since then. In short, they are leaky. Big cracks that opened up during the 3 tough years either did not close completely or were filled with a more permeable soil - sand rather than clay. This will likely correct itself over time, but “time” in this case is usually several years. Still, who are we to complain? We’re happy to be at the start of the healing process instead of in the middle of the disease.