The Eaters Write

One of our members was exclaiming recently over the rib-on pork belly we recently began offering. Belly is nothing more than the side of the pig, attached to the pig’s rib cage. It is usually trimmed off of the ribs, placed in the smoker, sliced into strips and voila! You have bacon. The remaining ribs are what we know as spare ribs. (I guess they call them spare ribs because it is what is left after the belly is removed?) Instead, we will from time to time leave the ribs attached to the belly slab and package them in 2 rib sets.

Here is the Wood Family approach to Rib-on Pork Belly. Mr. Wood explained that he marinated it in apple juice and “some other stuff” (I should have asked) for about 3-4 hours. He then put it on the grill with aluminum foil under it and poured the apple juice over it. Cooked it over low heat for three hours. Declared it the best of the best of our various cuts. We agree. Try the Wood recipe. It sure sounds right.