State of the Farm

Last month I regretted a drier than normal October and hoped for a wetter than normal November. It sometimes happens that way in a recovery year, and it did. We had a little over 7 inches of rain in November, enough to cover the normal rainfall for both months plus some. So our soil moisture should be where it needs to be to grow winter pasture.

Speaking of winter pasture, we are learning lessons about our new no-till seed drill. The seed is much slower to germinate than in a disced seed bed. We assume this results for a couple of reasons. First, the seed is planted deeper than when we broadcast it over a prepared seed bed. And the planted seed has reduced light and air since it is in an already grassy environment. So one can see the difference in the two approaches, one showing a thriving plant environment, the other showing only early germination.

In the one case, we are ready to graze now, and in the other, we must wait. Looks like we will be using both approaches in the future.

And that, folks, is the state of the farm.